FistShark Marketing 26: Blade Cleansing

The executives attempt to stake their claim on the hottest new health craze, Dean Cain has opened a lemonade stand, and Trunculo returns with an innovation in information delivery.

In this episode:

(00:45) Dean's Lemonade
(09:00) Blade Cleanse
(19:20) Trunculo Lens

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FistShark Marketing 25: Prepper Camp

The executives discuss their successful summer camp for the children of doomsday preppers and make plans to put a sensual spin on the best selling book of all time. Meanwhile, Craig the Intern has been especially lax in his duties.

In this episode:

(00:25) Prepper Camp
(09:20) Fifty Shades of Christ
(17:40) Life without Craig

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FistShark Marketing 24: Sadsghetti

A bold branding effort tries to elevate the most tragic of meals, Christopher Lambert presents a new television pilot, and the executives try to pursue the ultimate short-term consumer.

In this episode:

(00:25) Christopher Lambert's Worm Time
(10:55) Sadsghetti
(18:05) The Declining Health Industry

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FistShark Marketing 23: Miley's Batmobile

Another of Miley Cyrus' scientific endeavors results in unanticipated consequences, a charitable foundation is established to help the least unfortunate, and the chameleon-like qualities of Michael Cera are explored.

In this episode:

(01:05) Miley's Batmobile
(11:50) Michael Cera, Master Impressionist
(18:50) The Make A Demand Foundation


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FistShark Marketing 22: Cock Blocking Beats

Paul Rudd's plans to revolutionize casual dining meet with some resistance, Mario Lopez works on developing his bad boy image, and the executives devise a new service to protect their clients.

In this episode:

(00:35) Walter Dementulos
(02:15) Ruddfückers
(10:45) No More Whoopsie-Penis
(18:30) The Crimes of Mario Lopez

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FistShark Marketing 21: McConaughunt

The search is on for an infinitely versatile resource, new security measures are implemented in the FistShark offices, and our executives seek justice in the matter of Craig the Intern.

In this episode: 

(00:45) FistShark v. Craig T. Intern
(11:05) Medal Detectors
(19:40) McConaughunt


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FistShark Marketing 20: Christmas Meat

Our executives are hard at work developing the television event of the season, clients are keen to get their holiday albums selling in stores, and it's Caitlin's turn to take charge of a FistShark Marketing Christmas tradition.

In this episode:

(01:00) Live Birth of the Christ
(12:00) Sounds of the Season
(18:20) Christmas Meat

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FistShark Marketing 19: Gerber Baby Farm

The horrible truth behind a long-running campaign is at risk of being exposed, Dean Cain is obsessed with rehearsing his ultimate performance, and the team reflects on how they prefer to take their coffee.

In this episode:

(00:45) Coffee
(11:40) Gerber Baby Farm
(22:40) Rehearsing Cain

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FistShark Marketing 18: The Selfie Economy

Our executives try to cash in on the biggest cultural phenomenon of the twenty-first century before it's too late, a new museum reeks of product possibilities, and opportunities abound at the intersection of faith and fast food.

In this episode:

(00:40) McMass
(12:15) The Selfie Economy
(20:20) Stench of Death

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FistShark Marketing 17: Fowl Prophecy

An overabundance of poultry is making life a challenge in the FistShark office, a lapse in litigious fervor seems ripe for exploitation, and Vince Vaughn becomes what he's always aspired to be.

In this episode:

(00:40) Too Many Chickens
(11:25) Vince Centvaughn
(19:45) Rule Thirty-Frozen

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