FistShark Marketing 44: Craig the Interview

An environmentally friendly product is proving decidedly less friendly to consumers, a new delivery method has aroused the interest of big pharma, and the team seeks a new intern.

In this episode:

(00:40) Car Diapers
(09:55) Dick Rubs
(16:45) Craig the Interview

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FistShark Marketing 43: Moist Alerts

A technical error sends heavy breathing fun seekers to the wrong hotline. Meanwhile, the executives discuss what level of interpersonal relationships should be considered acceptable in a professional setting and argue the legitimacy of claims to the title,  "The Bad Boys of Boston"

In this episode:

(00:41) Moist Alerts
(08:45) BFFs
(17:00) The Classic Aerosmith Lineup

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FistShark Marketing 42: Love in a Dark Place

A visitor from the European office seeks assistance with a client who seems to have lost their way, a new reality television project is blending two classic formats, and Miley joins the struggle for equal representation. 

In this episode:

(00:45) The Butt Parade Is Dead!
(13:20) Smiley Cyrus
(23:05) Love in a Dark Place

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FistShark Marketing 41: Six Degrees of Thrones

The latest fashion trend has everyone in the city chomping at the bit to beef up their wardrobe. Meanwhile, the execs bond with the memories of a former client.

In this episode:

(00:50) Fall Collection
(09:45) Six Degrees of Thrones
(19:40) Jacob's Chatter

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FistShark Marketing 40: China Whitewalls

The team laments the sudden arrival of a sexed-up mascot after so many failed attempts, a sales promotion at a local car dealership may have gone too far, and Mario Lopez is up to his old tricks again.

In this episode:

(00:45) Sexy Mascots
(10:20) China Whitewalls
(16:00) The Continuing Crimes of Mario Lopez

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FistShark Marketing 39: Franked Up

Brett Michaels and Corey Feldman have a misadventure, while the execs land a lucrative motion picture contract.

In this episode:

(00:45) Blurry Road
(10:55) The Cash Cab Grab
(17:45) Franked Up

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FistShark Marketing 38: Poo Tubes

Dean Cain decides to enter the race for the presidency, while Jeremy Renner abandons his promising career to become a master of illusion. 

In this episode:

(01:20) The Audacity of Nope
(10:30) Poo Tubes
(17:45) Avant Magie

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FistShark Marketing 37: Herpes Complex

An unexpected medical advancement has destroyed a decade's worth of plans, and the executives must act fast to save the company's bottom line. Also, an eastern funeral tradition is making a splash in Boston and Jim's impulse toward murder becomes a cause for concern. 

In this episode:

(00:40) Murder
(09:45) Herpes Complex
(17:20) Exotic Dancers

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FistShark Marketing 36: Equus Mortuus

The team faces a diverse set of problems brought about by interesting clients, solving them with original ideas and a keen awareness of public perception.

In this episode:

(00:45) Makeshift Boats
(08:50) Small Violins
(15:35) Office Supplies

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FistShark Marketing 35: Craigsaw

The executives can't figure out what happened to a once valuable asset, Caitlin and Conrad perform an intervention on Jim, and someone wants to play a game (poorly).

In this episode:

(00:45) When Harry Lost Sally
(08:00) Not Coffee
(15:40) Craigsaw

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