FistShark Marketing 93: Fiends Like These

Balthazar needs help to make the best of a mail-order mishap, The Executives pursue yet another fad diet and FistShark is sued once more by Kanye West.

In this episode:

(00:50) Badger Diet
(10:10) The Collins West Exchange
(21:20) Fiends Like These

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Mime's the Word Ep 1 - The Syrian Crisis

Marvelous Mr. Murky, Captain Billy and Curious Clarence debate the issues around ongoing violence in Syria and the global effects of the regional conflict.

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FistShark Marketing 92: Imbruglia Imbroglio

The Executives attempt to make diamonds appeal to a new generation and bring mime to the masses.

In this episode:
(00:50) Diamond Bust
(10:55) Imbruglia Imbroglio
(19:05) Mimetics

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FistShark Marketing 91: TrashBoyz Go

FistShark looks to cash in on a hot new augmented reality craze and the alternative fuel vehicle market. Meanwhile, Dean Cain acquires a business of his own.

In this episode:
(00:40) TrashBoyz Go
(10:30) Papa Dean's
(18:55) Fuel Alternatives

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FistShark Marketing 90: Jazz Rifts

FistShark gets into finance with a new credit card and the executives discuss their musical tastes.

In this episode:
(00:40) The FistCard
(16:25) Jazz Rifts

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FistShark Marketing 89: Polished Response

Val Kilmer is oozing something other than charm, Conrad is in the market for a new residence, and the executives discuss a hated rival.

In this episode:
(00:40) Crappy Homes
(07:15) Polished Response
(16:10) Mr. Kilmersworth


(Special thanks to Carl Catron)

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FistShark Marketing 88: Illegislation

As they prepare for an annual sojourn to lobby Washington, the executives discuss the necessity of government in daily life.

In this episode:
(00:40) Illegislation

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FistShark Marketing 87: Ricky the Rat King

The horrifying truth behind one of entertainment's least likable figures threatens to be exposed and the executives attempt to inject new life into an institution of animated television.

In this episode:

(00:40) Simpletons
(13:55) Ricky the Rat King

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FistShark Marketing 86: Drawing Blanks

The local dentist has fresh complaints about FistShark, the majesty of Chad Kroeger is celebrated, and the executives are totally out of ideas.

In this episode:
(00:40) Office Grudge
(11:00) KroegerCon
(22:50) Drawing Blanks

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FistShark Marketing 85: Katanas 4 Kids

A pilot program to teach children math doesn't go as planned and FistShark backs a new candidate for Mayor of Boston.

In this episode:
(00:40) Katanas 4 Kids
(11:15) A Man's Asshole
(18:45) Medax ex Machina

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