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Jul 29, 2016

Marvelous Mr. Murky, Captain Billy and Curious Clarence debate the issues around ongoing violence in Syria and the global effects of the regional conflict.

almost eight years ago

Mime's the world. The joke is that mimes don't talk. They mime.

almost eight years ago

I was so confused until I properly read the title...

You're so fucking smart.

almost eight years ago

ARE these comments serious, do you even listen to the show, their was a hilarious idea for a mime podcast because they had a speaking mime, but they couldnt get him so they got other mimes, this is a real fist shark marketing product.

almost eight years ago


almost eight years ago

I think there's an issue here. I have tried listening through iTunes and by directly downloading the MP3 but all I get is some introductory harmonica music and the silence.

almost eight years ago

I'm not sure if this was deliberately half an hour of silence as a goof, or if someone pulled a pitchford.
Can anyone put me out of my misery?

almost eight years ago

This was really mean, you guys...

Beeray Echo
almost eight years ago

I'm not sure if this is a joke or a technical issue.

almost eight years ago

An exceptional journalistic breakdown of the modern crisis, confronting and more than a little poignant.
Watch your volume though: Billy and Murky get a little heated when it comes to the role of external actors in Syria's destablisation.
It makes you laugh, but more than that, it makes you think.

4 stars.

almost eight years ago

Is the entire podcast supposed to be silent, or is the joke going further over my head than an airplane?

almost eight years ago

Jim, when I said I wanted more audio content, I sort of was expecting you to talk in it.