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Nov 4, 2014

The team discusses why Ron Perlman has been crouching around the office lately, Vince Vaughn has a problem with intellectual theft, and Jim wants to pick up an abandoned property.

In this episode:

(00:00) Vince Vaughn is a Lazy Plagiarist
(08:15) The Living Bicycle
(14:50) Breaking Badder

nine and a half years ago

Just call it "Breaking Bladder." Lawsuit solved. The name makes sense because you're too focused on the show to get up for a bathroom break.

If it HAS to be named "Breaking Badder," just pretend it's from China and everyone will assume that suing over it is a lost cause.

nine and a half years ago

(I was trying to think of some funny, in-universe comment that wouldn't sound like me being an asshole; I realised that this is inherently impossible. Hence this preamble. I really enjoy this podcast. Thank you for making it.)

Some sort of secretary recently accused me of "blindly throwing money at businesses with less care than you give to selecting your disease riddled hooker of the day". I have no idea what she was talking about, but the whining annoyed me, so I decided to look into the affairs of my most recently invested-in-business, fatshock markets.
I have to say that this format makes paying attention to meetings seem almost entertaining! If my underlings were half as amusing as you lot, I might even think about visiting my office one of these days.

One thing that concerned me was James's apparent glut of interesting ideas- in my ever so humble opinion, the others might be better off spending less time criticising Jack's out of the box thinking, and more time thinking outside of the box themselves!

Another thing- just looking through Fatshock's portfolio here, I can't help but notice that many projects are listed as being, and I quote, "All Craig's Idea, 100% Legally His Problem".
Imagine my surprise on discovering that this "Craig" is not some upper-management savant like myself, but rather a mere intern! I must question the promotion policies of a company that leaves such a prolific ideas-man such as Craig in such a lowly position. Why, I'm half tempted to bring this matter to the next shareholder's meeting- an extreme measure, as I believe it is scheduled on the same day as my next 'extra-legal' yacht party.

Yours sincerely, Krlnkir Yearvents, 'Innovatrepeneur'