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Jul 27, 2014

In this week's meeting of marketing minds, FishShark's official fun committee plans Casual Friday, we tackle edible underwear for the modern male, Robin Thicke thinks he's a movie monster, and there's a drug that unlocks 100% of the human brain... for real!

In this episode:

(00:00) The Fun Committee: Casual Fridays
(09:03) TastyMan 
(16:10) Robin Thicke, Robin Thicke, Robin Thicke
(23:01) Illuminus (Unlock Your Full Potential)

almost ten years ago

What makes you think they are not an umbrella corporation?

almost ten years ago

I find it extremely odd that a supposed marketing/"talent" management firm would also have dealings in not-illegal pharmaceuticals. I mean, sometimes-pizza-delivery for demented has-beens was kinda related, but drug manufacturing and distribution? You're not the fucking Umbrella Corporation (or even StrexCorp).