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Jul 20, 2014

FistShark Marketing is YOUR publicity relations specialist for a world of social media and some other things that sound good. We're releasing recordings of our genuine strategy meetings to help young startups create their OWN PR empires. 

How DO we deal with such stars as Dean Cain, Val Kilmer, and Corey Feldman? Find out NOW!

In this episode:

(00:00) Dean Cain, Dog Walker
(07:55) How Do We Fix Val Kilmer?
(14:38) Feldman Hunts for Pornog
(18:22) Fannyback

almost ten years ago

This will change change the world! Just bloody brilliant. These ideas are revolutionary. The unadulterated genius I see in these meetings are enthralling. Exciting. Enchungusing.

Mr Jam Sponge
almost ten years ago

Oh cock