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Mar 22, 2016

The team brainstorms ideas for new breakfast cereals and are forced to pivot when a court ruling doesn't go the way they expected. Meanwhile, Val is still Val.

In this episode:

(00:35) Celebrity Home Movies
(11:10) Balanced Breakfast
(20:50) Can't Stop Val

Mar 15, 2016

Dean Cain becomes even less enjoyable to spend time with, and the executives deal with another of Jim's questionable investment opportunities.

In this episode:

(00:40) The Infestation of Dean Cain
(11:10) Barrel of Monkey Asses

Mar 8, 2016

The executives go to considerable lengths to prevent the Senior Partners from discovering an uncomfortable truth, and consider alternative alcohol packaging options.

In this episode:

(00:40) Nielsens
(10:50) Vessels

Mar 1, 2016

A new pet appears poised to take over households throughout Boston, a recall is issued for a self-driving car, and the recent promotion of Craig to an executive role has catastrophic consequences.

In this episode:

(00:35) Craig the Executive
(09:36) Grudges
(18:25) Self-Driven