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Aug 26, 2015

FistShark Marketing is changed forever when a deranged madman takes the office hostage.

In this episode:

(00:45) Operation Die Hard

Aug 18, 2015

A reunited Spice Girls must be stopped before they perform an ancient and forbidden song, Phil Collins may have gone too far in his latest assault, and Craig is put to a test.

In this episode:

(00:45) Bobby Petty
(09:20) Witch Hunt
(16:45) The Spice Must Flow

Aug 11, 2015

The executives are under the gun to make sure things go smoothly at an annual company event, a crucial resource is threatened, and the value of a new employee is questioned.

In this episode:

(00:45) Best Dressed Day
(12:05) The Study
(20:55) The Most Beautiful Game

Aug 4, 2015

A surprise visit from David Duchovny sends the office into chaos, Dr. Nightscream has developed a superior skeletal system, and the team attempts to regain control over Adam Sandler.

In this episode:

(00:40) Royal Treatment
(08:15) Dem Bones
(17:20) The Sandler Drain