FistShark Marketing 46: The Shaman Will See You Now

The execs make sure everything is in order for a very important financial review, land a lucrative contract to promote a the work of a prolific artist, and seek out a new role for Brendan Fraser

In this episode:

(00:40) The Shaman Will See You Now
(09:10) Furnishing Fraser
(15:10) Cup-and-Balls

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FistShark Marketing 45: These Colors Don't Sell

Social upheaval affects the FistShark offices, as the executives must deal with an error in trend assessment and prevent Dean Cain from carrying out his threats. Also, a visit to the dark carnival on the edge of town has granted Jim horrible gifts.

In this episode:

(00:45) These Colors Don't Sell
(08:45) Heat Vision
(16:05) Foiled Again!

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FistShark Marketing 44: Craig the Interview

An environmentally friendly product is proving decidedly less friendly to consumers, a new delivery method has aroused the interest of big pharma, and the team seeks a new intern.

In this episode:

(00:40) Car Diapers
(09:55) Dick Rubs
(16:45) Craig the Interview

Direct download: FistShark_Marketing_44.mp3
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FistShark Marketing 43: Moist Alerts

A technical error sends heavy breathing fun seekers to the wrong hotline. Meanwhile, the executives discuss what level of interpersonal relationships should be considered acceptable in a professional setting and argue the legitimacy of claims to the title,  "The Bad Boys of Boston"

In this episode:

(00:41) Moist Alerts
(08:45) BFFs
(17:00) The Classic Aerosmith Lineup

Direct download: FistShark_Marketing_43.mp3
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FistShark Marketing 42: Love in a Dark Place

A visitor from the European office seeks assistance with a client who seems to have lost their way, a new reality television project is blending two classic formats, and Miley joins the struggle for equal representation. 

In this episode:

(00:45) The Butt Parade Is Dead!
(13:20) Smiley Cyrus
(23:05) Love in a Dark Place

Direct download: FistShark_Marketing_42.mp3
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FistShark Marketing 41: Six Degrees of Thrones

The latest fashion trend has everyone in the city chomping at the bit to beef up their wardrobe. Meanwhile, the execs bond with the memories of a former client.

In this episode:

(00:50) Fall Collection
(09:45) Six Degrees of Thrones
(19:40) Jacob's Chatter

Direct download: FistShark_Marketing_41.mp3
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FistShark Marketing 40: China Whitewalls

The team laments the sudden arrival of a sexed-up mascot after so many failed attempts, a sales promotion at a local car dealership may have gone too far, and Mario Lopez is up to his old tricks again.

In this episode:

(00:45) Sexy Mascots
(10:20) China Whitewalls
(16:00) The Continuing Crimes of Mario Lopez

Direct download: FistShark_Marketing_40.mp3
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FistShark Marketing 39: Franked Up

Brett Michaels and Corey Feldman have a misadventure, while the execs land a lucrative motion picture contract.

In this episode:

(00:45) Blurry Road
(10:55) The Cash Cab Grab
(17:45) Franked Up

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FistShark Marketing 38: Poo Tubes

Dean Cain decides to enter the race for the presidency, while Jeremy Renner abandons his promising career to become a master of illusion. 

In this episode:

(01:20) The Audacity of Nope
(10:30) Poo Tubes
(17:45) Avant Magie

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FistShark Marketing 37: Herpes Complex

An unexpected medical advancement has destroyed a decade's worth of plans, and the executives must act fast to save the company's bottom line. Also, an eastern funeral tradition is making a splash in Boston and Jim's impulse toward murder becomes a cause for concern. 

In this episode:

(00:40) Murder
(09:45) Herpes Complex
(17:20) Exotic Dancers

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FistShark Marketing 36: Equus Mortuus

The team faces a diverse set of problems brought about by interesting clients, solving them with original ideas and a keen awareness of public perception.

In this episode:

(00:45) Makeshift Boats
(08:50) Small Violins
(15:35) Office Supplies

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FistShark Marketing 35: Craigsaw

The executives can't figure out what happened to a once valuable asset, Caitlin and Conrad perform an intervention on Jim, and someone wants to play a game (poorly).

In this episode:

(00:45) When Harry Lost Sally
(08:00) Not Coffee
(15:40) Craigsaw

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FistShark Marketing 34: Celebrity Roast

A client is celebrated in an entertainment tradition, the team attempts to arouse interest in a forgotten product, and Bono makes prank calls.

In this episode:

(00:45) The Roast of John Stamos
(09:25) Sexy-Sexy
(18:55) Phono Vox

Direct download: FistShark_Marketing_34.mp3
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FistShark Marketing 33: Cadburied

Miley Cyrus has her image put at risk again, Gordon Ramsay is on the hunt for lycanthropes, and a new production method for an Easter favorite goes wrong.

In this episode:

(00:45) Mrs Miley Cruz
(09:50) Gordon Ramsay, Werewolf Hunter
(18:00) Cadburied

Direct download: FistShark_Marketing_33.mp3
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FistShark Marketing 32: The Broke Room

The team discusses why nobody has been able to use the office break room lately, attempts to scale back the planned reboot of a beloved franchise, and celebrates the successful return of Dustin Diamond to television.

In this episode:

(00:45) The Broke Room
(07:45) Most Busters
(16:35) Diamond in the Rough

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FistShark Marketing 31: The Collins Haze

The misunderstanding of a tradition causes chaos, a music industry ritual is exposed, and the executives prepare for the annual cleaning of Craig.

In this episode:

(00:40) Taking the Phil
(10:20) St. Patrick's Pigs
(16:40) Craig Cleaning

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FistShark Marketing 30: The Tooth Suit

Brett Michaels demonstrates difficulty distinguishing television and reality, a public works project has turned into a inexplicable PR firestorm, and a new fashion trend has problems with decay.


In this episode:

(00:45) House of Brett Michaels
(08:25) The Tooth Suit
(15:15) Baby Boxes

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FistShark Marketing 29: Fifteen and a Half Men

A spin-off of a popular sitcom meets with some resistance from a focus group, Apple's new product is poised to become an integral part of its user's lives, and blizzard conditions force the executives to make difficult decisions in the name of survival. 

In this episode:

(00:25) Fifteen and a Half Men
(09:10) iBlood
(16:55) Snowed In

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FistShark Marketing 28: Corey Kong

Corey Feldman is facing trouble after his new family fun park results in a lawsuit, Robin Thicke opens a new club that's attracting the wrong crowd, and the executives cope with a troublesome pest in the office.

In this episode:

(00:45) The Electric Strip Club
(07:35) Roach Problem
(16:55) Corey Kong

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FistShark Marketing 27: Spectral Inhalants

Gary Busey's latest career move raises a few red flags, Val gets piggish about a double entendre, and Miley Cyrus eats a ghost.


In this episode:

(00:50) UBuseyer
(07:15) Ms. Pac-Miley
(13:55) Porkin' Val

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FistShark Marketing 26: Blade Cleansing

The executives attempt to stake their claim on the hottest new health craze, Dean Cain has opened a lemonade stand, and Trunculo returns with an innovation in information delivery.

In this episode:

(00:45) Dean's Lemonade
(09:00) Blade Cleanse
(19:20) Trunculo Lens

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FistShark Marketing 25: Prepper Camp

The executives discuss their successful summer camp for the children of doomsday preppers and make plans to put a sensual spin on the best selling book of all time. Meanwhile, Craig the Intern has been especially lax in his duties.

In this episode:

(00:25) Prepper Camp
(09:20) Fifty Shades of Christ
(17:40) Life without Craig

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FistShark Marketing 24: Sadsghetti

A bold branding effort tries to elevate the most tragic of meals, Christopher Lambert presents a new television pilot, and the executives try to pursue the ultimate short-term consumer.

In this episode:

(00:25) Christopher Lambert's Worm Time
(10:55) Sadsghetti
(18:05) The Declining Health Industry

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FistShark Marketing 23: Miley's Batmobile

Another of Miley Cyrus' scientific endeavors results in unanticipated consequences, a charitable foundation is established to help the least unfortunate, and the chameleon-like qualities of Michael Cera are explored.

In this episode:

(01:05) Miley's Batmobile
(11:50) Michael Cera, Master Impressionist
(18:50) The Make A Demand Foundation


Direct download: FIstShark_Marketing_23.mp3
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FistShark Marketing 22: Cock Blocking Beats

Paul Rudd's plans to revolutionize casual dining meet with some resistance, Mario Lopez works on developing his bad boy image, and the executives devise a new service to protect their clients.

In this episode:

(00:35) Walter Dementulos
(02:15) Ruddfückers
(10:45) No More Whoopsie-Penis
(18:30) The Crimes of Mario Lopez

Direct download: FistShark_Marketing_22.mp3
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FistShark Marketing 21: McConaughunt

The search is on for an infinitely versatile resource, new security measures are implemented in the FistShark offices, and our executives seek justice in the matter of Craig the Intern.

In this episode: 

(00:45) FistShark v. Craig T. Intern
(11:05) Medal Detectors
(19:40) McConaughunt


Direct download: FistShark_Marketing_21.mp3
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FistShark Marketing 20: Christmas Meat

Our executives are hard at work developing the television event of the season, clients are keen to get their holiday albums selling in stores, and it's Caitlin's turn to take charge of a FistShark Marketing Christmas tradition.

In this episode:

(01:00) Live Birth of the Christ
(12:00) Sounds of the Season
(18:20) Christmas Meat

Direct download: FistShark_Marketing_20.mp3
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FistShark Marketing 19: Gerber Baby Farm

The horrible truth behind a long-running campaign is at risk of being exposed, Dean Cain is obsessed with rehearsing his ultimate performance, and the team reflects on how they prefer to take their coffee.

In this episode:

(00:45) Coffee
(11:40) Gerber Baby Farm
(22:40) Rehearsing Cain

Direct download: FistShark_Marketing_19.mp3
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FistShark Marketing 18: The Selfie Economy

Our executives try to cash in on the biggest cultural phenomenon of the twenty-first century before it's too late, a new museum reeks of product possibilities, and opportunities abound at the intersection of faith and fast food.

In this episode:

(00:40) McMass
(12:15) The Selfie Economy
(20:20) Stench of Death

Direct download: FistShark_Marketing_18.mp3
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FistShark Marketing 17: Fowl Prophecy

An overabundance of poultry is making life a challenge in the FistShark office, a lapse in litigious fervor seems ripe for exploitation, and Vince Vaughn becomes what he's always aspired to be.

In this episode:

(00:40) Too Many Chickens
(11:25) Vince Centvaughn
(19:45) Rule Thirty-Frozen

Direct download: FistShark_Marketing_17.mp3
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FistShark Marketing 16: The Ass Gap
The team's ambitions for Dog Island take a terrifying turn, a recently-released product is putting grins on faces in an unexpected way, and the race is on to find the perfect posterior.
In this episode:
(00:30) Dr. Nightscream Calling
(02:40) Stank Puffs
(10:30) Game of Bones
(16:35) The Ass Gap
"Dr. Nightscream Calling" written and performed by Toby Deshane.
Direct download: FistShark_Marketing_16.mp3
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FistShark Marketing 15: Instant Diabetes

A potential PR disaster looms for Dr. Nightscream, and only FistShark Marketing can save him. Meanwhile, Jim introduces a new club sensation who aims to raise awareness of a public health crisis and Craig the Intern's girlfriend becomes an issue for the office.

In this episode:

(01:20) Funky Buttblood
(09:05) Instant Diabetes

(15:20) Craig's Girlfriend

Direct download: FistShark_Marketing_15.mp3
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FistShark Marketing 14: The War on Drugs

Our team tries to glamorize the men and women working tirelessly to keep our streets safe from drugs. Plus, products from the mind of Brett Michaels, and Val Kilmer takes up a new form of street performance.

In this episode:

(00:00) Brett Michaels
(11:25) The War on Drugs
(17:05) Kilmercatures

Direct download: FistShark_Marketing_14.mp3
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FistShark Marketing 13: The Living Bicycle

The team discusses why Ron Perlman has been crouching around the office lately, Vince Vaughn has a problem with intellectual theft, and Jim wants to pick up an abandoned property.

In this episode:

(00:00) Vince Vaughn is a Lazy Plagiarist
(08:15) The Living Bicycle
(14:50) Breaking Badder

Direct download: FistShark_Marketing_13.mp3
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FistShark Marketing 12: Samheinous

In this week's meeting, the executives discuss putting to work an as yet unexploited company asset and fulfill their Fun Committee obligation to make plans for the annual Halloween party.

In this episode:

(00:00) Halloween Party
(14:15) The Satanists Downstairs

Direct download: FistShark_Marketing_12.mp3
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FistShark Marketing 11: DungeonKroeger

A fantastic adventure awaits young and old, as the team is tasked with selling a fantasy board game. Also, a new book promises to spice up bedtime activities, Craig visits the veterinarian, and Jim makes another questionable acquisition.

In this episode:

(00:00) DungeonKroeger
(08:50) Craig has Rabies
(14:50) 100 Ways to Drive a Woman Crazy in Bed
(21:15) Old Cold Piss

Direct download: FistsShark_Marketing_11.mp3
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FistShark Marketing 10: Calling Dr. Nightscream

A health crisis rocks the FistShark office as Caitlin contracts what is almost certainly a life-threatening illness. Meanwhile, Dean Cain fails to show up for work and the executive team finally has a face-to-face meeting with Bono Vox.

In this episode:

(00:00) Dr. Nightscream
(08:25) Scheduling Cain
(14:55) Bono's New Album


Direct download: Fistshark_Marketing_10.mp3
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FistShark Marketing 09: Tasty Treats

A new client gets our executives chomping at the bit to learn more about his "Tasty Treats." Also, the team starts laying groundwork for a new reality television series starring Gordon Ramsay and an issue of semantics identifies a previously untapped niche market.

In this episode:

(00:00) Gordon Ramsay's Dog Island
(07:25) Giant Gummi Bears
(14:15) Tasty Treats

Direct download: Fistshark_Marketing_09.mp3
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FistShark Marketing 08: Dumpster Full of Spines

Our team struggles with the challenges of protecting Miley Cyrus from herself, while Val Kilmer can't seem to get the internet to steal his very private photos. Plus, found footage from Slaatvania is repackaged as variety programming, and a recent acquisition needs to be offloaded quickly.

In this episode:

(00:00) Val's Nudes
(07:34) Gulag
(13:17) Miley Wants To Fly
(20:23) Dumpster Full of Spines

Direct download: Fistshark_Marketing_08.mp3
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FistShark Marketing 07: Lil' Squirts Beauty Pageant

The team examines some new merchandising projects for Kevin Sorbo. Also, they deal with the fallout of a children's beauty competition gone awry, a new local celebrity is primed for superstardom, and Craig celebrates a birthday.

In this episode:

(00:00) Kevin Sorbo's Kevin Sorbets
(05:50) Craig's Birthday
(11:50) Cool Christmas
(21:25) Lil' Squirts Beauty Pageant

Direct download: FistShark_Marketing_07.mp3
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FistShark Marketing 06: Hungry Games

Our intrepid team develops ideas to enhance the Hunger Games theme park experience. Meanwhile, Craig the Intern rises to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and Jim lands a major client.

In this episode:

(00:00) Hungry Games
(09:30) Craig and the Ice Bucket Challenge
(15:15) Bono Vox

Direct download: FistShark_Marketing_06.mp3
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FistShark Marketing 05: Welcome to Shoe Despot

The executives meet to discuss Val Kilmer's ongoing troubles with mall security and try to help Whole Foods treat rabbits with the love they deserve. Plus, a new client offers a uniquely interactive shoe shopping experience and Craig the Intern gets treatment for his substance abuse problem.

In this episode:

(00:00) Val Kilmer at the Mall
(07:25) Watership Downgrade
(16:00) The Shoe Despot
(23:05) Craig goes to Rehab

Direct download: FistShark_Marketing_05.mp3
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FistShark Marketing 04: Robin Thicke's Make-Out Factory

In this week's meeting, the team spins a misleading app into a cross-media entertainment experience, Robin Thicke opens a restaurant, and Craig the Intern becomes jealous of new hires aimed at attracting Bradley Cooper's business.

In this episode:

(00:00) Trunculo (Know Where You Want To Be)
(09:20) Robin Thicke's Make-Out Factory
(19:10) Craig the Raccoon

Direct download: FistShark_Marketing_04.mp3
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FistShark Marketing 03: Val Kilmer's Blood Juice

This week, the executives discuss their many, many lawsuits, organize a sports day to bring Craig the Intern out of his shell, provide blood for Val Kilmer, and deal with more of Dean Cain's ridiculous crap.

In this episode:

(00:00) Bratwurst's School of Cookery and Chefcraft
(08:48) Fun Committee: "Sports Day"
(20:26) Litigation: "Dream Libel" / "Blood Drive Rebellion"
(29:43) Dean Cain's Sour Patch Situation

Direct download: FistShark_Marketing_03.mp3
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FistShark Marketing 02: Scarlett Johansson Lied To Us

In this week's meeting of marketing minds, FishShark's official fun committee plans Casual Friday, we tackle edible underwear for the modern male, Robin Thicke thinks he's a movie monster, and there's a drug that unlocks 100% of the human brain... for real!

In this episode:

(00:00) The Fun Committee: Casual Fridays
(09:03) TastyMan 
(16:10) Robin Thicke, Robin Thicke, Robin Thicke
(23:01) Illuminus (Unlock Your Full Potential)

Direct download: FistShark_Marketing_02.mp3
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FistShark Marketing 01: Dean Cain The Dog Walker

FistShark Marketing is YOUR publicity relations specialist for a world of social media and some other things that sound good. We're releasing recordings of our genuine strategy meetings to help young startups create their OWN PR empires. 

How DO we deal with such stars as Dean Cain, Val Kilmer, and Corey Feldman? Find out NOW!

In this episode:

(00:00) Dean Cain, Dog Walker
(07:55) How Do We Fix Val Kilmer?
(14:38) Feldman Hunts for Pornog
(18:22) Fannyback

Direct download: FistSharkMarketing01.mp3
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