Mime's the Word Ep 1 - The Syrian Crisis

Marvelous Mr. Murky, Captain Billy and Curious Clarence debate the issues around ongoing violence in Syria and the global effects of the regional conflict.

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  • Mime's the world. The joke is that mimes don't talk. They mime.

    posted by: Gello on 2016-08-18 08:01:08

  • I was so confused until I properly read the title... You're so fucking smart.

    posted by: BennySouthSt on 2016-08-15 18:08:29

  • ARE these comments serious, do you even listen to the show, their was a hilarious idea for a mime podcast because they had a speaking mime, but they couldnt get him so they got other mimes, this is a real fist shark marketing product.

    posted by: neil on 2016-08-12 12:40:25

  • trololololol

    posted by: JeanChose on 2016-08-06 12:31:50

  • I think there's an issue here. I have tried listening through iTunes and by directly downloading the MP3 but all I get is some introductory harmonica music and the silence.

    posted by: Pat on 2016-08-03 21:02:50

  • I'm not sure if this was deliberately half an hour of silence as a goof, or if someone pulled a pitchford. Can anyone put me out of my misery?

    posted by: Will on 2016-08-01 08:32:19

  • This was really mean, you guys...

    posted by: YmY on 2016-07-30 07:08:59

  • I'm not sure if this is a joke or a technical issue.

    posted by: Beeray Echo on 2016-07-30 07:03:48

  • An exceptional journalistic breakdown of the modern crisis, confronting and more than a little poignant. Watch your volume though: Billy and Murky get a little heated when it comes to the role of external actors in Syria's destablisation. It makes you laugh, but more than that, it makes you think. 4 stars.

    posted by: Zac on 2016-07-30 03:06:20

  • Is the entire podcast supposed to be silent, or is the joke going further over my head than an airplane?

    posted by: Peardude on 2016-07-29 21:04:02

  • Jim, when I said I wanted more audio content, I sort of was expecting you to talk in it.

    posted by: LadyNarwhal on 2016-07-29 15:57:28

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