The Executives become saddled with a legendarily bad project and FistShark's new spokesman causes a fuss.

In this episode:
(00:40) Card in the Spokes
(07:45) Three Daves
(14:50) The Lost City

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The Executives take a meeting without fully understanding who it is they're meeting and a child's birthday party proves to be all-ages fun.

In this episode:
(00:40) Panty Clown
(09:30) Just Another Meeting
(18:15) Piss Takes

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Another motivational exercise from the Senior Partners has begun to escalate, The Executives think they've found the missing link in human evolution, and a heartwarming family ritual is recounted.

In this episode:
(00:40) Origin of the Specious
(09:30) Cokemas Tradition
(15:50) Midas Flush

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An educational mascot fails to meet expectations and Bret Michaels weaves a tangled web.

In this episode:
(00:40) Medicine Boy
(12:05) Brett's Rugs

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The Executives question Michael Bay's wisdom and discuss the response to a new women's wrestling league.

In this episode:
(00:40) Spunk of the Moon
(12:05) Boston Screwjob

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A previously unpopular show gets a second chance at life while The Executives hire on new people to do their dirty work.

In this episode:
(00:40) Fun Loving
(07:10) Cult Revival
(19:25) Aloha

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Production moves forward on a second season of Fly House and The Executives examine opportunities to cash in on the latest craze.

In this episode:
(00:40) Fly House Season 2
(15:25) Fidget

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A promotional event for a popular game goes off-track and Gordon Ramsay's back with a new show.

In this episode:
(00:40) Karted Off
(10:00) Dokken Nightmares


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A client has been outmoded by the relentless engine of technology.

In this episode:
(00:40) Cost of Progress
(10:25) Physicendectomy

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The greatest of Friends finally gets their moment in the sun.

In this episode:
(00:35) Broken Chain
(11:40) Rosshypnol

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